NMC Affiliation

The NMC Affiliate Program organizes the capabilities of the partnership into a common strategic effort, streamlines the process of pursuing collaborative research and facilitates efficent execution of joint programs. The NMC offers affiliation to researchers with qualifications and interests that complement the NMC's technical focus areas and an interest in supporting our mission of pursuing cross-institutional research. 
Affiliated researchers are eligible to work on non-NMC research activity in NMC facilities through a Facility Access Agreement with the NMC.
For Partner Universities
Faculty and students from NMC partner universities (NMSU, NMT and UNM) may apply for a small domestic travel grant for the development of new collaborative research and education programs to build collaborations with LANL and other institutions within the partnership.
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For LANL Staff
LANL staff participation in the NMC is coordinated with LANL's National Security Education Center (NSEC).  Information for LANL staff on how to become an NMC Research Fellow and initiate proposals or other activities with the NMC is available here:

More information can be found at: NMC Office of Research Administration.

Getting Started
Researchers interested in an NMC affiliation should contact Steve Buelow (buelow@newmexicoconsortium.org) or Irina Izvekova (izvekova@newmexicoconsortium.org).

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