Hjelm Presents at 13th Fall Rubber Colloquium

Rex Hjelm, an NMC Research Scientist, presented his work on "Interrelation of Molecule Scale Polymer Melt Response to Shear and Rheology in the Non-linear Rheological Domain” at the 2018 Fall Rubber Colloquium in Hanover, Germany.

This year marked the 13th Fall Rubber Colloquium, held from November 6-9, 2018. The conference highlights the latest scientific concepts and advanced processing techniques in rubber and polymer science and technology. Conference topics included materials, reinforcement, vulcanization, processing, aging, analyzsis, environment, tires, physics and simulation.

Hjelm's work looks at the problem of understanding the relationship between the bulk rheological properties of entangled polymeric liquids and the polymer molecular architecuure, which is one of the most interesting and important problems in polymer science. This paper focuses on the non-linear phenomenon of shear thinning and the molecular level response of polymers.

To see Hjelm's entire paper click here.

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