The Ultrascale Systems Research Center (USCR) is a collaboration between the New Mexico Consortium and LANL to engage universities and industry nationally in support of exascale research. USRC investigates the challenges of computing at extreme scales - millions rather than thousands of computers. Such large systems pose questions that have not yet been answered. USRC research includes the following research topics as they relate to exascale computing:

  • OS/systems/network software stacks
  • Scalable and reliable runtimes and middleware
  • IO/Storage, parallel file systems
  • Data Intensive (DISC)
  • Resilience, fault-tolerance, reliability, and dependability of hardware and software

Current and Past Collaborators: 

LANL Collaborators       University Collaborators      Industrial Collaborators       USRC Students and Postdocs

USRC researchers work on challenges such as developing fault-tolerant scalable system services and understanding how interconnects, operating systems, and other factors effect performance as you drastically increase scale. Resilience research draws ideas from disciplines ranging from biology to social networks to build systems that can adapt to failures. Network research investigates typologies, routing protocols, switching techniques, flow control, and congestion control to address current issues known to cause problems. Understanding how to query enormous sets of scientific data is another critical task as well as investigating storage and data retrieval at exascale.

The USRC is looking for individuals who would like to collaborate on this challenging yet rewarding research, such as students looking for a dissertation topic, faculty sabbaticals, postdocs and industry researchers. Collaborators come to the USRC for months, up to years, for intensive cooperative research. 


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